CarProg2 Audi, VW, Skoda: ifinterface (prog if) - ETKA online

IFInterface is the original online VW ETKA catalogue supported by the official Volkswagen dealership in Russia. You can use it to find parts at Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, SEAT and Porsche vehicles.

Tracking part number changes (including fan replacements) and providing details on part sizes. Offering engine codes, gearbox codes, equipment codes (PR-codes), and their respective characteristics upon request. VIN-code inquiries are also accommodated, with access to database transcripts displaying manufacturing country, model, engine and gearbox codes, equipment details, etc. Additionally, images, descriptions, VIN-code transcripts, and other relevant information can be provided.

CarProg2 IFInterface ETKA online HERE →

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CarProg2 ifinterface prog

DLinker prog if to work in CarProg2

This program is a portable special viewer with a built-in database. Only this program has the ability to create order with the possibility of editing them. The orders are stored in the built-in database. These orders can be printed and also exported to .xlsx format for opening in office programs. You can also decide to whom to send the created orders.

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