VAG com 409.1 (VCDS) Download free version

VCDS (VAG-COM) is a computer program for car diagnostics that connects via a personal computer to the control units of all Volkswagen Group vehicles (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SEAT and some Ford cars).

Its functions are compatible with the VAG 1552, VAS 5051 and ODIS diagnostics used by authorised Volkswagen workshops. The program works on any computer. It is ideal to have this program on a laptop, tablet or smartphone - so the vehicle can be checked while driving.

This program must be used with the HEX-V2 or HEX-NET connection cable or reducers for older vehicles. The knowledge of a computer novice is sufficient to operate the program. The VCDS (VAG-COM) program has been working exclusively with the HEX-xxx cable since version 409.

VAG-COM 409.1 (VCDS) Download here (.zip, 1.93 MB) →

Advantages of VCDS (VAG-COM)

(over other systems)

  • Wireless connectivity and use on mobile devices
  • Greater coverage of vehicles, especially new vehicles
  • Greater coverage of functions, especially for new vehicles
  • Updates several times a year
  • FULL support for the UDS protocol
  • Measured values in the UDS protocol
  • CAN 1.6 support
  • Option to purchase diagnostics for other brands

VCDS Standard

VCDS Standard covers all Volkswagen models equipped with OBD-16 connector. Older vehicles had in most cases a different socket for self-diagnostics and it is necessary to use reducers, available for purchase.

It is possible to comprehensively diagnose all control units of the Volkswagen Group models (Skoda, Audi, SEAT, Ford Galaxy, Porsche and Volkswagen) from about 1996.

Vehicles of other brands can be diagnosed using OBD, OBD-II, EOBD standards. The VAG-COM diagnostic program (VCSD) contains all functions used in the diagnostics of Group vehicles.