ETKA online (RealOEM, CarProg2) VW, Audi, Seat, Škoda

ETKA is an abbreviation of the German term for the Electronic Parts Catalog of Volkswagen Group cars. It is currently possible to install ETKA version 8.6 (below you can find the downloadable patch).

Currently, this software can be found on the Internet for 20 USD, but you can also find the free online version! You will find the following brands here: Škoda, Audi, VW, Porsche, Seat.

Best ETKA tool

Online ETKA for searching for cars by VIN number can be found on the most famous and largest website CarProg2 ETKA. On the main page, enter Free programs and then CarProg2. The operator is trying to update the software so you should be able to find the latest cars. Prices for spare parts are valid in Germany and do not include tax - therefore ignore them.

For Škoda cars, all models are available: Octavia, Fabia, Kamiq, Kodiaq, Karoq, Citigo, Superb, Rapid, Roomster Yeti, Scala, Felicia. Under car models you will find an electronic catalog of all parts since 1977!

Where to find VAG connections at Touran?

You will find the VAG connection socket on the VW Touran under the steering wheel. The compartment must be opened to the maximum and then the fuse and sockets can be seen.

Sources of ETKA

ETKA online volkswagen

ETKA free 8.6 patch download

Download ETKA 8.6 Patch for free (no registration) here →

Installation instructions

The selection of the appropriate folder relies on your ETKA version and/or folder arrangement.

If you are using the new folder structure, simply choose this folder (one of the two options available).


  • ~drive~:\Program Files\LexCom\ETKA
  • ~drive~:\Program Files (X86)\LexCom\ETKA

If you have the old folder structure, you have to select 3 folders in order to patch them (so you have to do the patch process 3 times)


  • ~drive~:\ETKA\PROG
  • ~drive~:\ETKA\PROG1
  • ~drive~:\ETKA\PROG2

The first patch option is only for installing newer updates (> 1499). In this option, the algeni loader can NOT be used. If the patch was successful, you will see that ETKA is displayed as version 8.6. If this is not the case, then the patch was not successful and the process was blocked, for example, by an antivirus program or similar.