DSG 7-Speed Gearbox: Failures, faults, problems, experiences

What is your experience with the DSG 7-speed gearbox? Have you ever experienced clicking in the transmission? Feel free to post your experiences (not just with transmissions in Skoda Octavia) and reviews in the comments. I have encountered major problems and malfunctions when shifting between Park and Reverse at multiple places.

Remember, cars with DSG transmissions are supposed to park on the handbrake and then put the P on so that the transmission doesn't get destroyed and lean all the weight of the car on it. Parking procedure with automatic transmission (with manual handbrake) in an uneven parking situation:

How to park with a DSG gearbox?

  1. First, you apply the brake with your foot
  2. Then you put the gear lever in position "N".
  3. The car finds the parking position by itself
  4. Pull the handbrake
  5. The last thing you do is put the gear lever in position "P".

If you have a car with the autohold function, the parking brake is applied automatically.

Clicks in the DSG automatic gearbox

The parking pawl is used to prevent the vehicle from moving when stopped if the handbrake is not applied. The parking pawl is integrated in the differential.

Engagement of the parking pawl is a purely mechanical matter and is controlled by a cable from the bovden, between the selector lever and the parking pawl. This link is used exclusively to operate the parking pawl.

By moving the selector lever to position P, the parking pawl engages. This means that the parking pawl lug is located between the teeth of the parking pawl wheel.

There are two main types of DSG 7-speed gearboxes in the Skoda and Volkswagen models (there are major differences):

The renowned older DQ200

Here we have the renowned DQ200 gearbox, which is an older version, fitted with a dry dual-clutch limited to a maximum of 250Nm and fraught with all sorts of problems.

7st gearboxes DQ380 / DQ381

Then there are the DQ380 and DQ381 gearboxes. Which is also a seven-speed gearbox only based on the fairly reliable DQ250 "wet" 6q dual-clutch.

There's a lot about the DQ200's problems. From mechatronics issues, swapping synthetic for mineral oil during production, etc.

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