Answers to Frequently Asked Question about VW/Audi/Seat/Škoda Option Codes decoder

Q: When I entered an option code, decoder shows "code not found :-(". What's the problem?

A: The decoder can decode only option codes which are in the database. If the message "code not found :-(" was displayed, it means the option code is not in the database and therefore cannot be decoded. If the option code is from an older car it can mean, that the code was already discarded. This is the case with "3-number codes" like 131, 182 used by VW/Audi before year 1990. Today's codes are a combination of 2 letters + 1 number or 2 numbers + 1 letter. Neither 3 letter codes nor 3 number codes are used from late 80's.

Q: When I enter an option code, decoder shows "code not found :-(". I'm sure the option code is correct, I've seen it in a VW/Audi official price list and as well as it's in printed on the invoice of the car I bought few days/weeks ago.

A: Option codes are usually printed on the sticker located in the trunk floor of the car - or in the Service book on the first page. Option codes consist of 2 letter + 1 number combination or 2 numbers + 1 letter combination. We can say if a particular code has more than 3 letters/numbers, it's not an option code. The codes in the price list or invoices are not option codes although it may look like! However, some of them are the same and have the same meaning as corresponding option codes, e.g. "3L3" stands for "Manual height adjustment for front seats" in both price list and option code list. But for example code "PXE" in the price list of Golf VI stands for "Bi-xenon dipped and main beam headlights with bending" while the equivalent option code is "8JG".

Q: When I enter the option code, decoder shows "code not found :-(". I'm sure the code is correct, I have it in my Service book...

A: This can happen if you have a new model of a car introduced recently and the database doesn't contain this code. The same situation occurs when the codes are not printed correctly on the sticker. Unfortunately as the VW Group companies use dot matrix printers for printing the option code stickers, this happens from time to time. This is the case of "8WA" (and similar) codes - due to misaligned dot matrix head the first and last row of "8WA" is shifted to left and the output looks like "BWA". Take a closer look on other letters in the same row, you'll notice the difference and the slight shift of dots to left.

 Q: I entered my option codes, but decoder displayed contradictory results - it's writing my car has 235/45 R17 and 185/65/R14 size tires, what's ofcourse not true. There is a fault in your database?

A: Unfortunately, this happens from time to time. As the VW group produces a lof ot models with a lot of options, they tend to use the same codes for several different options for different models. This is the case of e.g. tire specification. The correct information could be obtained by looking for option codes for the specific model of vehicle. However this is not supported in my Option codes decoder as there is only one global database for all models of cars being produced.

Q: I have different question. How can I contact you?

A: You can contact me at the address shown below. Do not forget to include reported option code as well as your car's model and production year in your email when reporting problem. Please note - answering your mail may take several days, even weeks. If the answer to your question lies in this FAQ you'll not receive a response to your email. This decoder is a non profit project and everything related to it is being solved in my odd time which I don't have as much as I'd like to have. Thanks for understanding.

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