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* Contribution : Mercedes-Benz 1628s "Barenmarke" Milk Tanker

Published on December 03, 2005 | By Michael Buchel

After I have built the Scania LB 141 "Eurotruck", which I had got from Igor Hakszer, the Mercedes-Benz 1628s "Barenmarke" was my second model. The idea for this truck came on to my mind, when I remembered the advertisement of the Barenmarke milk, which TV-spot was quite famous in the 70ies and 80ies in Germany and Austria. The fact, that I have never seen a milk tanker of this trade in real and also not as a model, inspired me to create one. The Mercedes-Benz 1628s with the tanker was a very common truck for short and long distance liquid transports in the past, and there are still some oldies on the road.

The chose of kits was quite easy. The Revell kit MB 1628s goes very well with the Italeri kit Cardi tanker (Rent-a-Tank). In fact it is the same combination as the Kieserling version by Revell. All of these kits are quite hard to find, because they are out of production. The model was completed by some small parts and decals from the older truck accessories (Italeri) and also by real rubber tires for the tanker. We all know, that old Italeri kits have the unrealistic plastic tires. All other modifications came along during building the kit. Only the colour design was somehow from the beginning on my mind.

The MB and the trailer were built at the same time to check the height and length. The most important modification was to put the trailer lower for 5 mm. For this the axles and break parts were cut out for 2.5 mm. After this the tires keep their mobility and the axles keep their positions. This work took some extra hours, but I think it was worth it.
The cab is kept simple inside. It is coloured in grey and black with dark red seats, like I knew it from a real MB that I drove by myself.

The Barenmarke design is a mixed-up of self made decals and airbrush work. For the decals I used transparent decal film in an inkjet printer. The Barenmarke logo was scanned and modified at Adobe Photoshop. These decals can only be used for a white ground, so I had to airbrush the decals place first. The big letters on the tanker are also airbrushed. I used Revell and Humbrol colours and an Aztek airgun. It was important for me to keep the design like in the 80ies. I finished the model after 70 hours of work with some extras especially for the tanker. There is a new shield for fixing the ladder on the backside.
Although it was my second work, I am very happy with the result.

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