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Igor / TMK
* Event : Plastic Session 2005

Published on April 03, 2005 | By Igor @ TMK

The Plastic Session model show is still the biggest and most popular model show here in Slovakia. Or at least it was - it's star is shining less and less each year...

As usually, the show was situated in the building of City council in the centre of town.

The organizers changed the placing of the models. So this year trucks were situated in the main hall instead of the lobby last year. Models of military stuff - aircrafts, tanks and others were spreaded in the hall and in the bigger room. There were present modellers from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland only. Booths selling aftermarket parts, books, model kits and other model related accessories were situated in the rear rooms. As expected, almost all of the stuff being sold was related to aircraft models.

There were only 14 trucks competing in the category of E2 (Truck models in all scales). Only 5 trucks were in 1:24 scale, the rest was in smaller scales. This is the reason why the results were somewhat strange - 1st and 3rd place was given to a model in small scale, 2nd was a 1:24. Here I can't resist and must comment the results - I don't know who was jugding this category, but as I spoke to other competitors, nobody didn't agree with the results. And another moan: why can exist a category for "Military dioramas with aircrafts" with only 4 entries and all of the trucks are in one category regardless scale and complexicity? I would be very curious to see the faces of military stuff modellers, if there were only one category for aircrafts regardless scale and other criterion!

Verdict : Last years show was kind of disappointment for me. So it was this year. Still less and less truck models on display. People, where are you?

I made more than 100 photos, the best ones are featured below.
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