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Igor / TMK
* Review : Iveco Turbostar II

Published on February 06, 2005 | By Igor @ TMK

The Iveco company based in Italy introduced it's Turbostar series in the 80's. Several years later they introduced the modified Turbostar, the Turbostar II. It has to be said that these trucks were not so popular, it's successor, the Eurostar became more famous and popular among drivers.

Kit name: Iveco Turbostar II
Manufacturer: Italeri
Kit no.: 796
Scale: 1:24
No. of parts: cca. 250
Used colors (ModelMaster): #1502, #1503, #1527, #1723, #1768, #1790, #2713, #2735
Price: 1640 Sk (40 Euro)

Opening the box you can find 8 sprues in the box. Unfortunately, no rubber tire sprue is included. One black sprues contains the chassis parts, the other the plastic tires. The rest of the chassis parts is moulded in a dark red sprue, the dark gray sprue holds the cab interior parts. As usually, the wheel discs are moulded in silver color. The clear moulded sprue contains the lights and windows. The cab panels and minor chassis parts are placed on two white sprues. Although the mould patterns can be quite old, the parts are moulded almost perfect and only minor alterations are necessary.

The decal set contains all the basic decals like dashboard dials and badges. A lot of license plates (A, B, CH, D, DK, E, F, GB, I, NL, S) are included as well, it's included also a fancy cab artwork stripe.

The instruction set doesn't leave the line of other Italeri instructions. It's only slightly modified from the previous Turbostar kit.

Summary: This kit was one of the latest Iveco truck models released by Italeri or Revell. Rumours are saying that both Revell and Italeri were unable to obtain licenses for the upcoming generation of Eurostar trucks. It's rare to find this kit in the shop but I highly recommend to seek at least one. It's nice to have a model of a classic truck of the late 80's at shelf, not to mention that this kit is a donor for the HA Models Eurostar aftermarket kit!

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