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Igor / TMK
* Workshop : Mercedes-Benz Actros 1838LS "Willi Betz"

Published on October 08, 2005 | By Igor @ TMK

Here are some pictures and notes from my workbench, which I made during my work on the Mercedes-Benz Actros 1838LS in "Willi Betz" livery.

As the cab contains a lot of gaps to fill, I used two types of putty - for the bigger and deeper uneven places I used Revell's Plasto and for smaller ones I choose Tamiya's Basic Putty. The latter one is more watery and fills in really small spots.

Fixing the cab height meant to alter the front and rear cab support, which was a kind of fiddling as I used super glue. As you can see, the cab was succesfully lowered. Compare the two pictures and you'll see the difference!

The cab was put together for test fitting. When taking a look at driver's side it seems that more than necessary material was cut out of side panel and the gap between wheelarch and tyre is too wide. Now how to fix it?

The chassis was put together without any major modifications - except the front cab mountings.

Chassis rails had to be modified due to changed cab height, so about 10 mm of the cab holder was removed.

As you can see the cab panel has been already altered. I draw the cut line using permanent marker and then used both saw and sharp knife to cut to the desired shape. The bumper was filled and sanded flat, one pass is still necessary.

I started with the most complex job - with converting the kit included Megaspace cab to the LS low cab. First task was to modify the front bumper.

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