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* Contribution : Volvo FH16 "Windy City"

Published on April 01, 2002 | By Jan Rosecky

After 12 months of hard work I succesfully finished my latest model - Volvo FH16. It's based on the Italeri no. 735 model kit. The moulds of the kit are heavily based on the older Volvo F16, so when you want to make an accurate model, you have to make some modifications.

One of the things which catch your eye looking at the kit are the rear & front fenders. I decided to replace the incorrect ones with the correct fenders made by M&G Mouldings. The fender carriers from the kit cannot be used - although M&G offers their carriers, I decided to go the cheaper way and scratchbuilt them myself. Hard to tell, whether it repays or not - it took me a lot of time and nerves too. The front fenders fit very well. The rear cab mount was replaced again with M&G's part made of metal. I built the model sometime per the instruction set, other time per my thoughts. The engine was modified too - I added a fuel pump and the wiring to the engine. One of the hardest part of building were the airline hoses - even the real truck drivers were unclear about how the lines should be aligned. The chassis contains more than 2 metres of airline hoses made of fishing line. Most noticeable change to the chassis is the oil tank - I intend to use this truck with a tipper trailer. The hydraulics on the truck and the connector for the trailer is a miniature from the original truck. The original square fuel tank supplied with the kit was replaced with the correct round shaped tank which I took from Italeri's accessories kit. The chassis behind the cab was covered with chequered plate again taken from Italeri's older accessories kit.
I decided to use super single tires on the front axle and wanted to make the doors opening. This resulted in major changes to the building procedure. The door can be posed opened or closed thanks to the vinyl tape which was used as a door hinge. The unrealistic seat pattern was covered by real fabric, the driver's seat was completed with suspension controls, a CB radio was placed above the windshield and a wheel knob was attached to steering wheel providing better manoeuvrability. The instument panel lining was painted to look like it was made of wood. Additional details were added to the interior - some scale images of magazines, papers, books, road maps, some rugs, the Czech flag, Volvo flags, "Windy City" & "Honza" tables, fire extinguisher and hammer. The engine cover was covered with thin paper tissue. The front light bar and air horns came from Italeri's accessories kit. Registration plates as well as other stickers like 80 km, CZ, U and S are made by myself. So are the reflex tables on the back of truck. The Volvo titles on rear mudflaps are from the decal sheet of KFS.
The most exciting feature of the model is the airbrush scene on the cab panels. It was made using Hansa 281 airbrush - both the idea and finish was made by me. All of the chromed parts except the chassis covers were sprayed using Allclad II Chrome. Aerials - one above and one below the spoiler were made from useless moulds heated with candle. The weathering was made with various shades of black, gray and maroon. The total amount of time I spent working on this model is about 200 hours.
It was worth it - the model has won Slovak Masters in category E2 (Civil trucks in various scales) at Plastic Session 2002 held in Poprad, Slovakia.

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