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Igor / TMK
* Review : Volvo FH-16 Globetrotter XL

Published on September 04, 2004 | By Igor @ TMK

The Sweden based Volvo company produces one of the most favourite trucks among european truckers. The well-known FH-series was facelifted in 2001 and introduced brand new design and technical standards for near future. This kit, announced in the beginning of 2003 is a model of the top version - the FH16 with Globetrotter XL cab. Quite surprisingly, it hit shelves before Christmas 2003 and made success.

Kit name: Volvo FH-16 Globetrotter XL
Manufacturer: Italeri
Kit no.: 3821
Scale: 1:24
No. of parts: cca. 250
Used colors (ModelMaster): #1503, #1527, #1546, #1741, #1745, #1749
Price: 1640 Sk (40 Euro)

Because of the fact, that the latest Italeri and Revell issues were in the "New concept" - without engine, with simplified chassis, the modelling community had fears how will this kit look like - whether it will be only old chassis with new cab or completely brand new "New concept" model. Luckily, the model is a full-feature model - it has complete chassis with tilting cab, engine and steering axle, although it has to be said, that the chassis is again slightly modified old one with full spring suspension, so is unmodified the cab floor.

The box is absolutely full of sprues - the overall amount is 9 plus the rubber one with tires. Three black sprue contain the chassis parts, the dark grey moulded sprue contains the interior parts. The cab walls, side panels and air deflectors are moulded in two dark red sprues. As usually, the wheel discs are moulded in silver color, another silver sprue contains some of the interior parts and exhaust. The clear moulded sprue contains the lights and windows. All the parts are moulded by Italeri as usually - no flash, no bubbles or distortion; the parts fit very well. So far this is the kit with the best fitting parts!

The decal set is very nice - it contains two various decals - one common Volvo style and one of a company dealing with flower transport . Decals contain a lot of license plates (A, B, CH, D, DK, E, F, GB, I, NL, S) and the other common decals such a dashboard with dials etc. However placing the silver stripe decals for the front grille and bumper is a real nightmare, and it's better to pick the stripes in silver color than applying the decals.

The instruction set is the same quality as we used to known from other Italeri kits, however it can be seen that it was made in hurry as it contains a lot of mistakes, only some are corrected in the included correction sheet. So I recommend taking care when building the kit and do more test fits!

Summary: This kit is a one of the greatest surprises of 2003 - at least for me. Despite the fact, that the rear part of the chassis is again from the old F series kit and the instuctions are vague, this is one of the best kits Italeri released in the late years. Regarding the information from the modelling scene, this kit sells like a hot cake - so don't stay behind and buy one too!

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