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* Contribution : MAN 19.321 Snowplough

Published on August 01, 2004 | By Gabor Kiss

The initial idea for this model came about 5-6 years ago, when I saw the AMT's Ford Snowpolugh at one of my friends. The Revell Unimog snowplough was not available at that time, so this kind of model really got me. When I had a chance to buy the AMT kit, I bought it despite the fact, that I'm not keen on US trucks. That's the reason I decided to build an european snowplough, something with short cab and driven axles all round. Regarding the cab conversion, the MAN cab seemed to be most suitable.

First task was to modify the chassis. The rear axle's air suspension was replaced with Volvo's spring suspension, but somewhat raised as the thruck was going to be 4x4. The common front axle was converted to a driven one using parts for the common rear axle. Although when taking a closer look you can see that there's no linkage from differential to wheel hubs. The engine was mounted without modifications only the exhaust was replaced. The reduction box and driveshafts were made from spare parts from scap box. According to the real vehicle, the bumper was modified - I added the snowplough attachment and the chassis was completed. The next step was to modify the cab. To shorten the cab, I cut the side panels next to door's line. The modified panels were then put together while lot of putting and sanding was necessary. The roof was made from plastic sheet (as the kit originally had the high roof). The cab interior was modified as well, the rear wall and the seats were covered with real fabric. The interior was detailed e.g. rear wall was given a poster. The vehicle was painted bright orange, as the road mantenance vehicles are used to have this paint scheme. The AMT kit has been the source of tipper body and snowplough, which was attached to the front bumpers attachment and the bottom of front axle. Finally the model was finished adding the additional headlights and flashing beacons.

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