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* Contribution : Renault Magnum "Eurotrans"

Published on February 07, 2004 | By Martin Dvorak

This model is based on the Italeri's kit no. 3816 - Renault Magnum 2001. The kit was provided to me by the operator of real truck - company called Eurotrans Lux Zamberk as they wanted to have a model of their real truck. Photographs of real truck I used were taken at Truck Fest in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic in August, 2003. I had only few months to complete the model as it had to be ready till the Christmas.

I started the building with completing the chassis parts and painting them. As I had no reference photos of the engine, I build it box stock. In general I made no customizations to the truck parts whcih cannot be seen as the model is not intendend to be featured on model show, its placing is in the director's office. The only modifications to chassis I made were the lowering of fifth wheel, mudguards and catwalks. Unfortunately the kit doesn't contain front wheelarches, but I opted to create them from paper; rear mudguards were corrected with new rear lamps and licence plate holder. There were attached chocks onto the back of chassis and the base of truck chassis was completed. The next was painting the cab and some chassis parts with red color. The cab door panels had to be sanded flat while the bottom part containing door handles had to putted and sanded (unfortunately I forgot to do this). After this the chassis was completed with side panels and large front bumper. The grille mesh was made of stockings painted silver. As I like perfect detailed interior of models, I made mine according to that. The first was instrument panel, which I painted black and silver and modified with storage box with shelves. Seats were covered with real fabric, safety belts and controls were added. Passenger's side seat was supplemented with arm rests. The interior panels were painted light gray and the floor was finished with three doormats. Bunk was covered with fabric and completed with curtains, cable from CB was placed above driver's seat. A parrot was made of threads, then glued to front glazing along with two dices made of cork. Front glazing was completed with blue sun shield, flags, tax discs, DAS & Truck Fest stickers plus red heart and the interior was finished. Cab panels were glued together and the interior was slided in. The spoiler on top of the cab was made of paper - the cab was finished with light bar, Michelin figures, air horns and aerials. Then I got back to chassis where I extended the exhaust pipes. The final stage were the decals, which I made in Corel Draw 9 program and let them print in advertising studio. After that I placed the decals onto the truck and the model was finished!

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