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Igor / TMK
* Review : Heavy Tank Trailer "Topas"

Published on January 05, 2003 | By Igor @ TMK

The Haller Company is a small company specializing on building tank trailers. Sometime in the beginning of 90's they intruduced a new model of safe tank trailer called Topas. This trailer set the rules of active and passive safety very high and featured ABS, low gravity center, aerodynamic chassis protection, rear mounted camera system and high positioned brake lights.

Kit name: Heavy Tank Trailer "Topas"
Manufacturer: Italeri
Kit no.: 731
Scale: 1:24
No. of parts: cca. 150
Used colors (ModelMaster): #1503, #1524, #1527, #1745, #1747, #1749, #1790
Price: 33 Euro

A first look at the box contents shows some similarity to the Jumbo Tank Trailer kit (Italeri no. 725). Taking a closer look you'll find that the kit is in fact the Jumbo Tank Trailer, the one and only modification are the included chassis protection panels.

Opening the box you find six sprues plus the usual rubber sprue with six super single trailer tyres and a decal sheet. Two sprues are in black color and contain the chassis parts. One silver moulded sprue contains wheel dics, as we are used to from other kits. The heaviest white sprues contains the two halves of tank body, the next contains the piping and additional parts and the last one contains the parts of chassis protection.

The parts are moulded without errors - they fit well. However a lof of putting and sanding is necessary to make perfectly smooth joint of tank halves, as they are big and making a perfect fit is almost unreal. The decal set is nice - contains some ADR tables, BP logos and license plates (A, B, CH, D, DK, E, F, GB, I, N, NL, S).

The instruction set features only 4 pages of building instructions, but these are adequate to complexity of the kit.

Summary: This tank trailer is one of the best trailer kits ever made. This kit has another advantage - with slight modifications it can be built as a non-Topas version too. The one and only disadvantage is, that this kit is no longer in production...

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