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Igor / TMK
* Workshop : Steyr F2000 "Klacska"

Published on November 02, 2002 | By Igor @ TMK

The Steyr F2000 "Klacska" was the first model I build according to the real truck. I made a number of pictures and notes.

The cab was mated to front bumper and rear part of the front fenders to ensure clean & perfect fit. The 'Klacska' company emblems were carefully cut out of thin white sticker, coloured with permanent marker and then placed onto cab.

A lot of effort was put into making an accurate interior - the dashboard was painted according to real truck, the seats were covered with thin blue napkin. The interior also contains a extinguisher, newspaper on the dash, ADR Driver's handbook, tachograph discs etc. The seats were superdetailed adding knobs for seat adjusting and safety belts with photoetched buckles.

The rear fenders were spray painted matt black - Revell's #8. The rear lights and mudflaps are about to be mounted.

The cab was given two coats of dark gloss green - Humbrol's #3. The paint was applied using airbrush. The next step is to airbrush the 'Klacska' company emblems, but first the pattern has to be created.

The high cab roof was replaced with the flat version. The gaps were filled with putty and then sanded wet & dry several times. The doors were carefully cut out by razor knife. As the Steyr has a littlebit different doors than its twin MAN, the outer side of door was sanded flat. The cab was then given a coat of Humbrol grey primer using airbrush, then putted again and finally sanded. The front grille was sprayed gloss red - Revell's #31.

The incorrect exhaust silencer, battery box and air tanks were replaced with parts from M&G's accessory range. Note the blue Central Greasing Reservoir.

The engine was completed according to the instructions. The only modification so far is the gear lever. It was made according to reference photograps of a real MAN F2000. The shifter was linked to the gearbox and the cab underside was drilled out so the lever mounted on top of the engine fits the hole - that's same as on the real F2000. The completed engine was airbrushed Revell's #302 - semi gloss black. Additional details will be picked using different colors.

After putting and sanding the chassis, plumbing & wiring was the next step - it took about 10 hours to add more than 4 metres of fishing lines with various thickness. The completed chassis was sprayed using airbrush with semi gloss black by Revell. The chassis will be completed adding the fuel tank, rear and front wheelarches.

The chassis was completed and then putted. As the moulds contain higher amount of air pockets as usually, quite a lot of putting & sanding was needed.

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