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Igor / TMK
* Review : Steyr Truck "Green Class"

Published on June 01, 2002 | By Igor @ TMK

Steyr is one of the oldest truck manufacturers in Europe. In the latest years Steyr became a part of the well known MAN Corporation. One of the first result of their cooperation was the master for this kit.

Kit name: Steyr-Truck "Green Class"
Manufacturer: Italeri
Kit no.: 744
Scale: 1:24
No. of parts: cca. 255
Used colors (ModelMaster): #1503, #1527, #1728, #1740, #1745, #1747, #1749, #1781, #2714
Price: 37 Euro

Taking a first look at the sprues you can't deny the similarity with its twin, the MAN F2000. The kit is heavily based on the MAN F2000 kit - the only difference is the front cab panel. This wouldn't be a drawback, when the F2000 kit wouldn't be heavily based on the previous generation of MANs, the F90s. That's the reason there have to be done some minor & major modifications if you want to make an accurate model. I really recommend replacing the kit battery box and exhaust can with the ones supplied by M&G Mouldings. The front wings have to be reshaped to correct shape too.

Opening the box you find seven sprues, the rubber sprue with seven tyres and a piece of grille mesh. Two sprues are in black color and contain the engine and the chassis parts. One silver moulded sprue contains wheel parts. The cab interior parts are moulded in light gray, finally transparent sprue contains the windows and the lights. The body of the cab is sadly moulded in shiny red color - it's good when you want to paint the cab red. Otherwise you have to fight the bleed through effect.

The parts are not moulded very clear and contain more than usual amount of air pockets. Despite this fact they fit quite good, but putting is necessary more than usually. The decal set contains all the necessary stuff - the dials, some license plates (A, B, CH, D, DK, E, F, GB, NL, S).

The instruction set doesn't differ from other Italeri instruction sets - it's clear and simple.

Summary: With or without small mistakes, I would recommend the Steyr truck to your trucks collection. It's an interesting variation of F2000 which you shouldn't miss. With some technical research first you can turn it into a real masterpiece.

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